Breda 930i Sporting


Every Breda shotgun is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality tools and materials. The Breda 930i Sporting was designed with the serious sporting clay shooter in mind. The 930i’s natural point-ability and low recoil makes it a great clay target gun for shooters of all experience levels. The 930i is competition ready right out of the box. The gun comes equipped with an extended bolt release, ergonomic bolt handle, weighting system, and adjustable comb walnut stock as standard equipment. These features allow the shooter to customize the balance and fit of the gun to their personal needs and preferences.

The Breda 930i Sporting utilizes an inertia operating system for increased reliability and simplicity of use. The 930i is the first inertia shotgun to be specifically designed for sporting clays from the ground up. The gun’s balance and tapered sporting rib give the 930i the feel necessary for your hands and eyes to work together correctly. The 930i Sporting is easy to shoot and even easier to clean.


Product Description

  • Barrel Lengths: 28” and 30”
  • 3 Extended Custom Competition Chokes
  • 10mm to 8mm Tapered Sporting Rib
  • Weight System to Change Weight and Balance
  • Trigger Pull of 3.9lbs +/- (Hand Tuned)
  • 9cm Forcing Cones for Reduced Recoil
  • Extended Bolt Handle
  • Custom Ergonomically Designed Bolt Release
  • Back-Bored to .728 for Improved Patterns
  • Recoil Reducing Recoil Pad
  • Aluminum Alloy Competition Trigger Assembly
  • Hand Oiled Walnut Stock
  • Adjustable Comb for Custom Fitting
  • High Visibility-Low Profile Fiber Optic Front Site
  • For the greatest safety, reliability, and performance, please use only quality factory ammunition (1,250 ft./second – 1oz. loads or greater).
  • Handmade by Italian Craftsmen