TCS Shotgun Cleaning Kit

When choosing this Starter Kit  also choose your choice of Choke Tube Rod or 34″ Barrel Rod.  Please Note – 34″ Barrel Rod has higher shipping cost doe to oversize.



Product Description

The TCS Shotgun Cleaning Kit is one of the most complete shotgun cleaning kits on the market. Designed to meet the needs of shotgun shooters from hunting to clay shooters, it’s the only kit that features the TCS Family of products.

“The Proof Is On The Patch!”

It comes equipped with a heavy duty reusable polypropylene box, TCS 12ga or 20ga Cleaning Jag, TCS odor free Tactical Cleaning Solvent, TCS Ultimate Firearms Lubricant, TCS Choke Tube Rod or TCS 34" Barrel Rod, Cleaning Patches, TCS Heavy Duty Cleaning Brush, Armorers Parts Brush, Cotton Cleaning Swabs, a syringe of TCS Bore Cleaning Paste, wooden spatula, TCS OIL Cloth and a complete set of instructions for using the kit. If you have more than one caliber, just buy the jags and brushes for your other calibers, and put them in the kit. See accessory list below for additional jags and brushes, along with replacement patches, solvent and oil.


Kit Includes

Reusable Polypropylene case
Shotgun 34″ Cleaning Rod with comfortable handle
TCS Odor Free Solvent
TCS Ultimate Firearm Lubricant
TCS 12ga or 20ga Pistol Jag
TCS 12ga or 20ga Heavy Duty Bore Brush
TCS Cleaning Cloth
Patches for shotgun gauges
Cotton Cleaning Swabs
Armorer’s Brush
Syringe of Bore Paste
Wooden Spatula