TCS Bore Cleaning Paste – Step 2


TCS Bore Cleaning Paste Step 2
10ml Syringe and New 50ml Syringe


TCS Manufacturing Bore Cleaning Paste is a micrometer ground garnet in a grey paste. Faster, easier to use and safer than solvents, this paste is non-embedding, nearly odorless, and comes in an easy to usesyringe. With TCS bore paste you no longer need foul smelling solvents or expensive wire brushes. Just put a dab of this product on a patch and spread it around with the included wooden spatula. Then use one of our TCS cleaning jags to press the patch into the barrel. Use a slight scrubbing motion and feel how well this combination cleans. When the patch comes out of the barrel, the bore paste will be darker where it made contact with the barrel. You will probably see dirt, copper and lead on the patch, depending on what was in your barrel. You will know this bore cleaner cleaned your barrel, because “The proof is on the patch.”
After using the bore paste, visually inspect the barrel and see if you need to reapply. Remember the Bore Cleaning Paste darkens when used. Once the barrel looks clean, put some TCS Tactical Cleaning Solvent on a clean patch and use it to remove the bore paste around the outside of the breech area. Then use another patch with a few drops of TCS Tactical Cleaning Solvent on it to remove the Bore Cleaning Paste residue from the barrel. If you are going to store the gun for any length of time, you can leave the oil in the barrel to protect against corrosion. If you are going to shoot the gun use a degreaser applied to a patch to remove the oil.
• Easy To Use Resealable Syringe
• Fast and Effective
• Safer Than Solvents• Includes Convenient Wooden Spatula

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10ml Syringe, 50ml Syringe