TCS Pistol & Rifle Cleaning Patch Jag .30cal to .50cal BMG


.30cal to .50cal BMG

Select: .50 cal, .45 cal, .44 cal, .40 cal/10mm, .357 cal, 9mm/.358 cal, .338 cal, .30 cal


Product Description

TCS Manufacturing pistol & rifle patch jag is designed specifically for cleaning barrels. These patch jags press a patch that has been treated with solvent or bore paste against the barrel and into the rifling to mechanically strip the carbon, plastic, and copper out of the bore. We used this patch with no solvent for demonstration purposes, and pushed it through the barrel once. As you can see, these Jags clean better than any other jag on the market.

“The proof is on the patch”

In addition to cleaning, our jags are also used for oiling the bore for storage as well as removing oil before firing. Our rifle jags fit all rods with standard 8×32 threads.

Additional Sizing Info

.50cal Pistol – COMING SOON!
.50cal BMG Center Fire – COMING SOON!
.45 cal JAG
 (including but not limited to .45 ACP, .45 GAP, .460 SW, .45 Win Mag, .454 Casull)
.40 cal JAG (including but not limited to 40S&W, 10mm, 41 mag, 400 Corbon 41 Action Express)
.375 cal JAG Rifle & Pistol
9mm-.358 cal JAG
(including but not limited to 9mm, 38 spl, 357 mag,38 Super, 35 Rem, 35 Whelen, 356 Win)
.30 cal JAG (including but not limited to, 30 Carbine, 308, 30-06, 300, 303, 32 Win, 32 ACP, 32 H&R, .327, 32 Rim)

Note: Two versions of this jag were produced. Due to machining and tooling considerations, the design was changed from aluminum to brass, and the body of the jag was tapered. If you have one of the old aluminum jags, please continue to use it. You will see no difference in performance. If you order a new jag from us, depending on which box your order is drawn from, you may receive either an aluminum Jag or a brass jag. This makes no difference in performance. In addition to this product, we suggest you purchase USP Bore Paste and round TCS patches. TCS round patches are the perfect size for use with this jag, and other patches may cause fit problems. Square patches should not be used with our jags.

Additional Information

Jag Size (Caliber)

.50 Cal, .45 Cal, .44 Cal, .40 Cal / 10mm, .357 Cal, 9mm/.358 Cal, .338 Cal, .30 Cal